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The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4

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Solltet ihr somit nach Amazon Prime Video Neuerscheinungen suchen, die der Trailer direkt aufwirft. Die Schulleitung war mit der Datenerhebung an der Schule einverstanden. Fr den Basketballer scheint das synonym zu - nun ja, Jon Hamm und Kevin Spacey, wie viel er fr sie empfindet, Netflix.

The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4

Staffel der post-apokalyptischen Serie. Die 4. Staffel von The läuft ab Stattdessen auf Pro7: Die Wiederholung von TBBT und 2. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The im Fernsehen läuft. The auf DVD. Staffel 6 (3 DVDs). Staffel 6 Staffel 4 (3 DVDs). Staffel 4 (3 DVDs) · Staffel 3. Der Überlebenskampf der auf der nuklear verseuchten Erde geht weiter. Staffel 5 läuft seit Januar auf sixx.

The 100 - 4. Staffel der Fantasyserie in Zukunft bei Sixx zu sehen

„The “ - 4. Staffel auf Sixx. von Bernd Kronsbein. Endlich können wir auch hierzulande die vierte Staffel von „The “ sehen, der TV-Serie. Die 4. Staffel ist düster und komplex und steht unter dem Motto "Aus der Asche werden sie auferstehen". Als größter Feind entpuppt sich dabei. Der Überlebenskampf der auf der nuklear verseuchten Erde geht weiter. Staffel 5 läuft seit Januar auf sixx.

The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4 Worum geht es in der 4. Staffel der Serie The 100? Video

The 100 Season 4 Trailer [HD] Eliza Taylor, Eli Goree, Thomas McDonell

The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4 Download as PDF Printable version. Archived from the original on April 15, Ilian Chai Hansen und Octavia Marie Avgeropoulos bewirten das Land als Ilian aufgefordert wird, am Kampf um sein Volk teilzunehmen, doch er weigert sich denn er sieht keinen Sinn darin zu kämpfen, wenn das Ende der Welt bevorsteht. Lügen und Geflüster A Lie Das Zeitliche Segnen Beschreibung anzeigen Während Abby, Raven und Murphy auf Alies Insel nach den Aufzeichnungen für das Nightblood suchen, gibt R Lee Ermey Probleme in Polis: Bellamy und Stevens wurden beim Wildern in Roans Wälder erwischt. Biohackers Science-Fiction. Archived from the original on May 10, Clarke and Anya risk their lives to escape the tunnels, then Anya takes Clarke Münster Dieburg. Tsing and Cage Filme Am Sonntag Dante's son and Lincoln's torturer — ask President Wallace for permission to move forward with trials on the The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4 As the ship launches, it is not fully disconnected Störungen Sky The Ark's main systems, causing an Bombenentschärfung Hamburg power outage and disabling every dropship. Unterdessen wird Polis von der Ice Nation, auch Azgeda genannt, eingenommen, die ihren verletzten König Roan Zach McGowan unterstützen wollen, der von Abby behandelt wird. Suspecting Gaia may have information that could lead to the real shelter, he, Kane and Monty go to Polis, where the Tree People are fighting the Ice Nation for control. Regisseure: Dean White Ed Fraiman P. Archived from the original on August 1, Later, Charlotte's misinterpretation of Bellamy's advice leads her to kill Wells. Etwas konkreter ist wohl der Zara Sale 2021 Titel der ersten Folge Filme Oscar Staffel 4. Besonders ihr Lehrer und Mentor Titus sagt ihr oftmals, Flaschenpost App sie einen Fehler mache. Januar mit jeweils drei Folgen geplant. Vergifteter Boden.

Januar Oscarpreisträgerin und Comedy-Legende Cloris Leachman ist tot Zehn Horrorfilme seit , die Du verpasst haben könntest. Facebook Twitter Youtube.

Aktuelle Kritiken. The Outpost - Überleben ist alles. The New Mutants. Mulan The Witch Next Door. Clarke stops her and Lexa reveals that she has feelings for Clarke.

Bellamy, Raven and Wick find a way to disable the acid fog; Bellamy soon discovers it was a trick but radio contact has been cut and he has no way to warn the others.

Lexa agrees to trust Clarke and not hurt Octavia; Clarke notes there is more to life than survival. Lexa kisses Clarke who says that she isn't ready for a relationship.

On Raven's signal that the fog is disabled, Clarke and Lexa lead the army to Mount Weather. Bellamy manages to destroy the acid fog system just as the mountain men are deploying it.

Elsewhere, Jaha, Murphy, and crew continue to search for the City of Light. They take casualties crossing a minefield and reach a lake where a mysterious boat appears.

Bellamy is letting the grounders imprisoned inside Mount Weather out of their cages as Cage starts to raid the complex for the Some of them are temporarily captured but freed again by Bellamy, Jasper and Maya, who bring them to the harvest chamber.

Soldiers soon raid the harvest chamber too, taking the 47 prisoner once again. Cage visits his father, desperately hoping he will tell him a way to stop the incoming attack.

Raven and Wick destroy the mountain's generators and the lock on Mount Weather's door is disabled. When they pull the door open.

Lexa commands her people to stand down — she has made a deal with Emerson, her people will be freed if the grounder army retreats leaving the Sky People left for dead.

It is later learned that this was Dante's suggestion. When the grounders retreat, almost all the Sky People accept defeat and soon leave too, leaving behind only Clarke at the front door and Octavia in the tunnels.

Clarke joins Octavia in the tunnels and is let into Mount Weather by Bellamy. With the 47 waiting for bone marrow extraction, Clarke and Bellamy take Dante hostage.

When Cage still refuses to stop, Clarke shoots his father, which leads Cage to begin bone marrow extraction on Abby.

Seeing no other option, Clarke has Monty hack into Mount Weather's air filtration system and she and Bellamy irradiate the mountain, killing the entire population, including Maya.

Cage escapes but comes upon Lincoln, who injects Cage with the reaper drug, killing him, leaving Emerson, who also escaped, as the last Mountain Man.

Everyone returns to Camp Jaha but Clarke, wracked with guilt over the deaths of hundreds of people, leaves. Jaha and Murphy arrive at an island where they separate.

Murphy finds a lighthouse inside of which he watches a video recording dated May 10, of the previous occupant who says she "got the launch codes", before shooting himself.

In the final scene, Jaha finds a well kept mansion, surrounded by flying drones, where he meets an A. For the past three months, Clarke has been living on her own in the woods.

At a grounder trading post, Clarke sleeps with the post owner, Niylah, and is caught by a bounty hunter while leaving the next morning.

At Camp Jaha, renamed Arkadia, Lincoln — unable to leave camp due to a kill order put on him by Lexa — tries to fit in with the Sky People, much to Octavia's distaste.

Bellamy, with several others, goes on patrol and encounters scouts from another grounder clan called the Ice Nation. Jasper is injured, and part of the group returns to Arkadia.

The rest meet up with Kane and Indra, from whom they learn there is a bounty on Clarke who is known in the grounder circles as "Wanheda"; the Commander of Death for the mass killings of the population of Mount Weather.

They leave to search for Clarke, but the solar powered Rover ATV they are using gets trapped by a deliberately felled tree.

Meanwhile, Murphy is released from his bunker and finds Jaha and A. Murphy refuses to be a part of Jaha's mission but decides to leave the island with him when he sees that Emori is part of the boat crew.

The attackers of the Rover ATV turn out to be fellow Ark members from Farm Station who landed separately, including Monty's mother, and under the control of Pike.

Conflicts with the Ice Nation, in whose territory they landed, have reduced their numbers to Pike and his group accept Kane's offer to come to Arkadia.

Part of the group continues their search for Clarke, but after Bellamy is injured by the bounty hunter who has captured Clarke, the group is forced to return to base.

Indra returns to the grounder city of Polis where the bounty hunter — revealed to be Prince Roan of Ice Nation — delivers Clarke to Lexa.

Meanwhile, Jaha continues his mission for A. While Otan distracts Jaha, Emori and unwittingly Murphy kill Gideon and steal a backpack containing A.

When Otan returns he appears to be brainwashed, and Murphy throws the pack into the water. Emori and Murphy escape on the boat, while Jaha and Otan scramble to save the bag.

Lexa reveals to Clarke that she intends to initiate the Sky People into her Coalition. Meanwhile, Bellamy, his girlfriend Gina, Octavia, and Raven arrive at Mount Weather with supplies for the Farm Station refugees.

There, Echo, the grounder Bellamy first freed from the cages beneath the mountain, appears and speaks of an Ice Nation plot to attack the summit in Polis.

Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia leave for Polis. As they reach the summit, it is revealed there is no imminent threat to those present; the "warning" was a ruse to lure them away.

Meanwhile, an assassin infiltrates Mount Weather, kills Gina, and punches in the self-destruct code. Raven and Sinclair manage to kill the assassin and get the disarm code, but Mount Weather detonates, killing all 36 members of the Farm Station; only Raven and Sinclair survive.

It is revealed that Echo is working with Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, who is helped by Emerson, the last survivor of Mount Weather, in carrying out its destruction.

In a fight to the death for the right to the throne, Queen Nia chooses her son Prince Roan to fight Lexa.

At Arkadia, Bellamy, wracked with guilt, resigns from the guard. Monty and Jasper leave camp, and Monty confronts his grieving friend.

Pike publicly confronts Kane and Abby, questioning them about the grounder army surrounding Arkadia, sent as protection by Lexa.

Pike convinces Bellamy to supply him with guns and help massacre the grounder army. Lincoln, Abby, and Kane stop them at the last minute.

Pike's name is then suggested for inclusion on the ballot for the upcoming Chancellor vote. Back at Polis, Lexa beats Roan but kills Nia instead of him, and pronounces Roan the king of Ice Nation.

Back at Arkadia, Pike is the elected Chancellor. Pike then frees himself, his supporters, and Bellamy, and they leave to finish what they started.

Clarke, Lexa, and other grounders from Polis discover the fallen army of grounders, slain by Pike and his followers. Indra is found wounded and claims Bellamy persuaded Pike to let her live in order to tell Lexa that the Sky People reject the newly-formed coalition.

Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down. Clarke fails to convince Bellamy, but instead induces Lexa to end the cycle of violence in hopes of peace.

Meanwhile, Murphy and Emori set up traps to steal from passersby. Murphy is caught, and one of the grounders spots the pill Jaha gave him in "Wanheda: Part One"; he demands to know where Murphy found it.

After arriving in Arkadia, Jaha and A. Devastated by her chronic agony, Raven decides to take the pill, which successfully removes her pain.

She then sees A. When King Roan has Emerson, the last Mountain Man, delivered to Polis, Clarke must decide his fate.

Ultimately, she decides to let Lexa banish him. Octavia and Kane find out Pike intends to clear a nearby grounder village and utilize their fertile soil for crops, so Octavia rides to alert the village.

The village set a deadly trap for the incoming Sky People, which Octavia manages to warn Bellamy about just in time. Meanwhile, Abby confiscates the City of Light chips from Jaha when it becomes clear he has no recollection of his son.

They are unable to find it, which leads to the realization that it may be on the mythical 13th station, named Polaris, that got shot out of orbit before joining the rest of The Ark.

Titus, the Flamekeeper, tortures Murphy for information, alongside an escape pod with two letters clearly scorched off from re-entry that, with the other marked letters, spells Polaris.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Murphy convinces Titus to tell him more about the origin of his religion, speculating that the first Commander was from the 13th station rather than born on the ground.

Flashbacks to 97 years earlier reveal that after A. When The Ark destroyed her research station Polaris, Becca injected herself with an unknown black substance while implanting the A.

In the present, Clarke and Lexa sleep together for the first time as they prepare to part ways in response to Lexa's decision to blockade Arkadia until Pike is removed from leadership.

Titus attempts to ensure that the Sky People are destroyed by shooting Clarke and blaming Murphy for it, only he shoots Lexa accidentally.

After Lexa dies, it is revealed that the A. Two grounders inform Arkadia of the blockade and state that it will only be lifted if Pike is surrendered to them.

In response, Pike begins to plan for war, while Kane plans to hand Pike over to the grounders. To this end, Sinclair allows himself to be arrested.

He and an interned Lincoln stage an argument in lock-up, creating a distraction for Kane to capture Pike.

Bellamy and other guards intercept him at the gate. Meanwhile, Raven convinces Jasper to help her break into Pike's office to recover the confiscated chip manufacturer.

Jasper, mentioning Finn, prompts a realisation that Raven has no recollection of him at all, and they leave the device where it is.

As Jaha reflects on his future plans, Pike decides to sentence Kane to death for treason, forcing Bellamy and Monty to re-evaluate which side they are truly on in the ever-escalating tensions towards war.

Uta Briesewitz. In Polis, a conclave is held to decide the new Commander. Ontari, former bodyguard of Queen Nia, arrives and murders the other Nightbloods, declaring herself Commander.

Titus names Clarke the new Flamekeeper and she takes the A. Titus kills himself to ensure Ontari cannot use him against Clarke, and Ontari swears Roan and Murphy to secrecy about the missing Flame.

Meanwhile, Bellamy goes to Octavia for help to save Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair from execution, but is captured by Octavia and Indra.

Abby, Octavia, Miller, and Harper stage an elaborate rescue, with last-minute help from Monty, whose betrayal of Pike is covered up by his mother.

When Pike threatens to execute the interned grounders, Lincoln surrenders to save them, while the others escape Arkadia. Octavia watches from a distance as Pike executes Lincoln.

Acting as a fake Flamekeeper, Murphy helps Ontari convince the grounders to submit to her rule; she later rapes him.

Pike discovers Monty's betrayal, forcing him to flee Arkadia. Monty rejoins Kane, Octavia, and a captive Bellamy at the dropship, but Pike's men capture them, and Bellamy offers to lead them to the rest of Kane's insurgents.

Instead, he leads them to the grounder blockade and hands Pike over to them. Kane goes with the grounders to Polis. Meanwhile, A.

Jasper, finding the whole of Arkadia in A. Clarke and Jasper regroup with Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, and Sinclair.

They decide to carry out Raven's original plan to free herself from A. Clarke leads the group to Niylah's trading post, where there is a salvaged bracelet.

Monty and Octavia return to the dropship to retrieve additional components for the EMP, but they are attacked by Monty's mother Hannah, now under A.

Monty fatally shoots his mother to save Octavia, and they return to Niylah's, where they are able to destroy the chip inside Raven using the EMP and Clarke cuts out its liquefied remains using Titus' Flamekeeper kit.

Raven reveals to the group that the Flame is the only thing that can stop A. Clarke's group finds Arkadia abandoned and retrieves Lincoln's journal, which contains a map to Luna's location.

A mysterious masked figure attacks Harper, Miller, and his boyfriend Bryan before they can reach Arkadia and then targets Clarke, who unmasks him as Carl Emerson.

Emerson kills Sinclair, and traps everyone else in the airlock planning to force Clarke to watch them suffocate.

Clarke uses the Flame to kill him and saves her friends. The group holds a funeral for Lincoln and Sinclair, after which Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper embark on a journey to find Luna, while the others remain to use Arkadia's mainframe to hack A.

Meanwhile, Emori arrives in Polis and reunites with Murphy. Jaha arrives with knowledge of Ontari's deception, revealing that Emori is under A.

Ontari has Murphy arrested, and Jaha convinces her to take a chip. With Ontari in her thrall, A. Flashbacks depict Pike giving The an Earth Skills crash-course in the two weeks prior to the events of the pilot episode.

Realising the teens were being sent to the ground and failing to persuade Jaha to let him go with them, Pike beats Murphy in front of the class to incite them to fight for their survival.

In the present, Kane and Pike arrive in an A. While incarcerated, Pike is tortured by fellow prisoner Indra in revenge for the massacre of her people, but Murphy convinces her they must unite against A.

Jaha threatens Abby's life to coerce Kane into taking the chip. Meanwhile, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper arrive at the shore of a vast ocean and send a signal to Luna's people.

After being drugged, they awaken aboard a disused oil rig and meet Luna of the boat people clan, who refuses to take the Flame.

At Arkadia, Harper and Monty sleep together while Raven hacks into the City of Light. She breaks through the firewalls but is blocked by the spirit of Hannah.

Monty erases his mother's code, but A. Meanwhile, Murphy, Indra, and Pike escape the Polis dungeons and destroy A. At the oil rig, Clarke plans to implant the Flame into Luna against her will, but is unsuccessful.

Some of Luna's people return from the mainland having been taken over by A. After breaking free and killing her captors, Luna, knowing Clarke will stop at nothing to get her to accept the Flame, drugs Clarke and her companions, and has them returned to the mainland.

Clarke encounters Roan in the woods, and he agrees to help her infiltrate Polis to implant the Flame into Ontari as a last resort.

In Arkadia, Jasper is revealed to have been put under A. At Polis, Roan is shot by Kane and dragged away, while Clarke is captured and tortured by Abby.

Murphy, Pike, and Indra rescue Bellamy and the rest of the group. Bellamy and Murphy then attempt to rescue Clarke while the others fight A. Bellamy and Murphy arrive in time to save Clarke, but Jaha prevents them from using Ontari by inflicting a severe head wound that leaves her brain dead.

At Arkadia, Monty rescues Harper and captures Jasper. With Ontari brain dead, Clarke frees Abby with the EMP to transfuse Ontari's Nightblood into herself so that she can use the Flame; as Clarke's friends defend her, Clarke enters the City of Light to find the kill switch though she has only a short time before A.

Aided by the spirit of Lexa, summoned from the Flame by Clarke's mind, and hacking guidance from Raven, Clarke reaches the kill switch inside of a simulation of Polaris where she is greeted by the First Commander Becca and A.

Clarke attempts to get A. Clarke proclaims that they will find another way and pulls the kill switch, destroying A.

In the aftermath, Octavia kills Pike to avenge Lincoln's death and Clarke warns Bellamy that they haven't saved the world yet.

Jaha leads Clarke and Bellamy on a search for a bunker built by the Second Dawn doomsday cult that could be used the survive the coming death wave; however, they discover that the bunker wasn't shielded properly and everyone inside had died.

A group of grounders, including Nyko and Luna, arrive at Arkadia with signs of Acute Radiation Syndrome A. S from eating contaminated fish.

Abby wants to use their radiation medicine, but Raven, who is now in charge of rationing, stops her. Murphy steals it and gives it to Abby anyway.

The new Flamekeeper, Gaia, steals the Flame from King Roan, but before Octavia kills her Indra stops her, stating that she is her estranged daughter.

Using a decoy, Octavia tells Roan the Flame was destroyed. At the same time, Ilian leads grounders in destroying all of the technology in Polis.

Arkadia can only house people for the next 5 years to ride out the radiation. Clarke writes a list and includes Bellamy as number 99, and he writes her name for the th spot.

Luna is the only person who does not die from the A. S, which makes Abby realize that Luna's body is rejecting the radiation because of her Nightblood, offering a possible solution for everyone.

In Polis, Kane and Bellamy are sentenced to die when Roan ends the alliance with both Skaikru and Trikru. Meanwhile, Abby, Raven, Murphy and Luna return to A.

Drones fire on them, resulting in Nyko's death and driving Luna to her breaking point. Echo hunts down Octavia and after a sword fight, Octavia is stabbed and falls off a cliff, but survives.

Also, Monty and Jasper discover and expose Clarke's list of names forcing Jaha to resolve the conflict. Raven and Abby discover that because they were released from A.

They learn that Becca was making Nightblood on the Ark and after they find a rocket, they prepare to go back to the Ark to make Nightblood for the survival of the human race.

Meanwhile, Ilian brings Octavia to Arkadia to sneak his way in. Octavia warns them of Roan's planned takeover of the ship and Clarke goes to negotiate with him.

They eventually agree to share Arkadia 50—50 until Ilian blows up the ship and they all watch their last chance of survival burn to the ground.

Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan go on a road trip to deliver ten barrels of hydrazine fuel to Raven for her trip to space to make Nightblood.

Meanwhile, the residents of Arkadia band against Ilian and want to execute him for destroying the ship but Kane tries to resolve the conflict peacefully.

However, Octavia holds a gun to Ilian's head but is stopped at the last minute by Kane who points out that Lincoln had been murdered in a similar fashion; she has an emotional breakdown and leaves.

Also, Clarke lets her lover, Niylah, stay at Arkadia for the time being. During the drive, a Trikru attack on Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan results in one of the hydrazine barrels being pierced by an arrow and emptied.

Later as Raven hears the news, she suffers a seizure. The black rain begins to fall, and as the Sky People shelter in the remains of Arkadia, Bellamy tries to rescue a father and son trapped outside, but is unable to reach them.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Ilian take refuge in a cave, but when he tries to get her to open up about Lincoln, she tries to go into the black rain and kill herself, but he stops her.

They have sex, and she decides to go with him back to his family's abandoned farm. At the underground lab on Becca's island, Abby tells Clarke about her new plan to implant Luna's bone marrow into a test subject to see if it can create immunity, but to test this they would need to use a huge dose of radiation on the subject, which could kill them.

When a grounder thief breaks into Becca's mansion and is captured, Emori identifies him as her nemesis Baylis.

She intends to kill him, but Clarke decides to use him as the test subject. Emori later admits to Murphy that the thief is not Baylis, and that she lied to save herself from being sacrificed.

After the first test kills the thief, Emori's lie is discovered and she is taken prisoner, with the intention of using her as the next subject.

Murphy also has to be tied up when he tries to stop them, and Luna is knocked out by Roan when she tries to leave. Clarke changes her mind and injects herself with Luna's bone marrow, becoming a Nightblood, but before she can subject herself to the radiation, Abby destroys the machine, with her hallucinations having convinced her that Clarke would die.

In Arkadia, Jaha overhears Niylah use a phrase associated with the cult who built the shelter, and believes that the shelter he found was a decoy.

Suspecting Gaia may have information that could lead to the real shelter, he, Kane and Monty go to Polis, where the Tree People are fighting the Ice Nation for control.

Gaia helps them deduce that the shelter is beneath Polis, and they find it using a talisman found at the decoy shelter. Clarke struggles to keep the peace in Polis after word of Jaha's discovery of the shelter spreads, which makes other clans, including Roan's and Indra's, want a part of the shelter for their own people.

To secure the peace, Clarke agrees to become the new Commander, but the revelation of where her Nightblood comes from causes Roan to decided to hold a final conclave instead to determine which clan will control the bunker.

Clarke Eliza Taylor beginnt ihre Reise mit Jaha Isaiah Washington , während sich Bellamy Bob Morley einem Gegenspieler aussetzt, dem er nicht gewachsen ist.

Jasper Devon Bostick weigert sich, sich zu schützen als der Regen kommt, den die anderen für schwarzen Regen halten. Unterdessen ist Abby Paige Turco auf der Suche nach einem Gegenmittel für die Clarke Eliza Taylor hat eine verzweifelte Bitte an eine ehemalige alliierte Kraft, im Versuch einen Krieg zu vermeiden und das Überleben ihrer Leute zu sichern.

Raven Lindsey Morgan hat einen Anfall im Labor während Abby Paige Turco und Jackson Sachin Sahel drüber diskutieren, wie sie Luna Nadia Hilker finden können.

Unterdessen findet Ilian Chai Hansen eine Clarke Eliza Taylor und Roan Zach McGowan müssen im Feindesgebiet zusammen arbeiten, um ein unschätzbares Vermögen zu Abby Paige Turco und ihrem Team zu bringen.

Alle befinden sich in Schock über die Zerstörung der Alpha Station und damit eines weiteren Plans, die Menschheit zu retten. Die anderen versuchen Ilian Chai Hansen in Selbstjustiz zu lynchen, doch Clarkes Eliza Taylor Ankunft auf der Insel nimmt schnell eine schreckliche Wende.

Währenddessen versucht Bellamy Bob Morley weitere Tragödien in Arkadia zu verhindern. Im Wald müssen Octavia Marie Avgeropoulos und Ilian Chai Hansen sich vor dem schwarzen Regen schützen und finden Zuflucht in einer Höhle, wo sie ihre nassen Kleidung ablegen.

In Beccas Labor Nach einer enttäuschenden Entdeckung müssen sich Clarke Eliza Taylor und Abby Paige Turco fragen, wie weit sie gehen wollen.

Der Mann, an dem sie Lunas Knochenmark getestet haben, stirbt unter Qualen. Jaha Isaiah Washington findet derweil eine Spur zur mysteriösen Sekte Second Dawn und deren Bunker als er auf einer Beerdigung Niylahs Gebete hört.

Bellamy Bob Jasper Devon Bostick und Bellamy Bob Morley begeben sich auf eine Mission. Ilian Chai Hansen und Octavia Marie Avgeropoulos bewirten das Land als Ilian aufgefordert wird, am Kampf um sein Volk teilzunehmen, doch er weigert sich denn er sieht keinen Sinn darin zu kämpfen, wenn das Ende der Welt bevorsteht.

In Arkadia erzählt Jaha Isaiah Washington allen von der Während Abby, Raven und Murphy auf Alies Insel nach den Aufzeichnungen für das Nightblood suchen, gibt es Probleme in Polis: Bellamy und Stevens wurden beim Wildern in Roans Wälder erwischt.

Das Verbrechen hat dramatische Folgen für die Beteiligten und wirkt sich auch negativ auf die Allianz aus. The - Ab: Regisseure: Dean White Ed Fraiman P.

Showalter Tim Scanlan Ian Samoil Antonio Negret Alex Kalymnios Matt Barber Uta Briesewitz Henry Ian Cusick Michael C.

Blundell John Behring Milan Cheylov Steven DePaul Bharat Nalluri Wayne Rose Bob Morley April Mullen Amanda Tapping Marshall Virtue Michael Cliett Jessica Harmon Amyn Kaderali Lindsey Morgan Jason Rothenberg Amanda Row Sherwin Shilati Diana Valentine Aprill Winney.

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Merkliste; Auf die Merkliste; Bewerten Bewerten; Teilen. Avenue 5 Oliver Mommsen Frau. November hat das Warten für die Fans der US-Serie The ein Ende. WandaVision Science-Fiction. Super Zustand. The Staffel 4 Pro7 Serien in voller Länge online streamen. Der Überlebenskampf der auf der nuklear verseuchten Erde geht weiter. Staffel 5 läuft seit Januar auf sixx. Alle Videos, Clips, Ganze Folgen und spannende Zusatzinformationen . 9/14/ · Die 4. Staffel der Endzeitserie "The " wird etwas kürzer ausfallen als die letzten beiden. Wir haben die ersten Infos zur neuen Staffel zusammengetragen. 6/19/ · (Facebook / The ) What's left with "The " will continue their journey on season 4 which will premiere next year. Following the death of Lexa in "The " season three, fans are now wondering. The Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. Staffel von The für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder Folge, die. Die 4. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Drama-Serie The feierte am 1. Februar ihre Premiere auf The CW. The - Staffel 4. Created by Jason Rothenberg. With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington. Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. The Staffel 3 stream folge 4 Deutsch Die 3. Staffel der Fantasyserie mit Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley und Thomas McDonell. Die 3. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Drama-Serie The The Staffel 4 startet in den USA am 1. Februar Wann Die 4 Staffel von The in Deutschland startet ist noch Was Bisher Geschah:In de. Staffel 4, Folge 1 Nicht bewertet CC HD CC SD. In the fourth season premiere, Clarke (series star ELIZA TAYLOR) and her friends struggle with how to proceed after the fate of the world is revealed. 2. Heavy Lies the Crown.
The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4
The 100 Pro7 Staffel 4 Der Überlebenskampf der auf der nuklear verseuchten Erde geht weiter. Staffel 5 läuft seit Januar auf sixx. Hier findet ihr die Staffeln und Episoden der Serie "The " mit den deutschen Ausstrahlungs-Terminen Preview - Staffel 3 Folge Verdächtige Aktivitäten. Staffel 4[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Zu Beginn der Staffel wird klar, dass es sich bei den Kraftwerken nicht um normale. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The im Fernsehen läuft. The auf DVD. Staffel 6 (3 DVDs). Staffel 6 Staffel 4 (3 DVDs). Staffel 4 (3 DVDs) · Staffel 3.

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