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The Last Stand Film

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15 Uhr, bietet aber noch so viel mehr.

The Last Stand Film

In The Last Stand muss Arnold Schwarzenegger allein mit seinen Provinz-Cops eine Armee von Gangstern auf dem Weg nach Mexiko aufhalten. US-Debüt de. Nach einem missglückten Einsatz verlässt Ray Owens seinen Posten beim Los Angeles Police Department und lässt sich als Sheriff in dem verschlafenen Städtchen Summerton Junction an der mexikanischen Grenze nieder. Mit der Ruhe ist es jedoch vorbei. Last Stand. Arni Schwarzenegger is back: Als Sheriff Ray Owens des beschaulichen Örtchens Sommerton nimmt er es mit einem brutalen Drogendealer auf.

The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger will es in "The Last Stand" noch mal wissen. In dem Film gibt es viel zu lachen – mit und über Arnie, findet Susanne. Das folgt nun in dem Actionfilm The Last Stand, in dem Schwarzenegger einerseits an seine früheren Erfolgsrezepte anzuknüpfen versucht, mit. Last Stand. Arni Schwarzenegger is back: Als Sheriff Ray Owens des beschaulichen Örtchens Sommerton nimmt er es mit einem brutalen Drogendealer auf.

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The Last Stand -- EXCLUSIVE Final Trailer

I actionfilmen 'The Last Stand' lever Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) et stille liv som sherif i den søvnige grænseby Summerton Junction. Han har trukket sig tilbage fra sit job som politibetjent i Los Angeles og håber egentlig bare på at nyde de sidste år som aktiv lovhåndhæver. The Last Stand is the US action thriller that marked the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first leading role since 's Terminator 3: Rise of the ymlp322.comzenegger stars as Ray Owens, a former LAPD officer-turned-sheriff of a quiet border town who is called upon by the FBI to stop a notorious drug lord from fleeing across the U.S./Mexico border. The Last Stand () Online Subtitrat – eriful Owens este un bărbat care s-a resemnat într-o viață de luptă împotriva micii infracțiuni care se întâmplă în orașul de graniță somnoros Sommerton Junction după ce și-a părăsit postul de la LAPD în urma unei operații înșelătoare care l-a lăsat stricat de eșec și înfrângere după ce partenerul său a fost invalid. Django Unchained. Eleanor Emptage. Nachdem bei erwachsenen Kinogängern Max Müller Tot Zensur ins Gespräch kam, brachte Splendid Film am 7. Nach einem missglückten Einsatz verlässt Ray Owens seinen Posten beim Los Angeles Police Department und lässt sich als Sheriff in dem verschlafenen Städtchen Summerton Junction an der mexikanischen Grenze nieder. Mit der Ruhe ist es jedoch vorbei. The Last Stand ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm des Regisseurs Kim Jee-​woon aus dem Jahre Der Film ist Arnold Schwarzeneggers erste Hauptrolle. Insgesamt ein guter Old School Action Film ohne viel CGI Effekte. Kommt zwar an alte Arnie Filme nicht ran aber muss er auch gar nicht. Empfehlenswert. The Last Stand ein Film von Jee-Woon Kim mit Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker. Inhaltsangabe: Nach einer schiefgelaufenen Mission wird Ray Owens​.
The Last Stand Film
The Last Stand Film Peter Stormare. Wesley Morris Grantland. Both versions were released on DVD. Call My Agent!
The Last Stand Film

Cortez also uses his extraordinary driving skills to immobilize two SWAT vehicles headed toward Summerton Junction.

Before flying to Arizona, Agent Bannister has his team do a financial background check on all agents involved to find out how Cortez managed to escape so easily.

Sometime past in the morning, Owens dispatches deputies Jerry Bailey and Sarah Torrance to visit the residence of the local farmer Parsons, who has suddenly missed his usual milk delivery at the diner.

After discovering that Parsons has been murdered, the deputies follow a trail of tire tracks that lead them to Cortez's henchman Thomas Burrell and his mercenary cutthroats, who are planting a mobile assault bridge across the canyon that marks the U.

Bailey is fatally shot in the middle of a shootout between the deputies and the thugs before Owens rushes in to bring his officers back to his precinct.

Shortly after being notified by Agent Bannister of Cortez's presence, Owens gathers Torrance and senior Deputy Mike "Figgy" Figuerola.

He also deputizes jailed local Frank Martinez, a former US Marine who is a veteran of the Iraq War with PTSD who developed a streak of never finishing what he started; because Bailey was his friend, Martinez insists that he will not falter.

Finally, Owens recruits Dinkum to protect their town. Dinkum agrees only if he becomes a deputy and if he keeps the gun Owens had confiscated earlier.

At a. Armed with a Tommy gun , Figuerola holds off the thugs before being injured by a sniper. Owens and Dinkum mow down a majority of the thugs with a Vickers machine gun mounted on the back of a school bus with Martinez providing cover fire, while Torrance snipes several gunmen on the rooftops.

After Owens kills Burrell, Cortez's Corvette eventually arrives in town, veering past the barricade as Owens and the deputies shoot it.

Cortez ejects Agent Richards from the car before speeding through a corn field. Suddenly, he encounters the mayor's Camaro commandeered by Owens before both cars collide with a swather.

A dazed Cortez continues his escape on foot, but Owens meets him at the bridge. Owens ignores Cortez's bribe offers before both men fight each other.

Despite sustaining slashes and stab wounds from Cortez's push dagger , Owens defeats the drug lord and handcuffs him before dragging him back into town using the battered and now roofless Camaro.

Agent Bannister arrives to take Cortez back into custody and arrests Agent Richards for taking the drug lord's bribe and aiding in his escape.

Deputies Figuerola and Dinkum are taken to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. Martinez turns in the deputy's badge, Bailey's badge, that Owens had given him earlier.

Owens tells him to keep it, as he's earned it. As the mayor sees what is left of his Camaro, Owens warns him about parking in the fire lane before he, Torrance and Martinez walk into the diner.

In June , producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and studio Lionsgate pre-emptively picked up Andrew Knauer's spec script for The Last Stand.

Writer: Andrew Knauer. Facebook Twitter E-mail. And splendid for us, the audience. Arnie's back! After small cameos in The Rundown This blink-and-you-miss-it cameo also served as passing the torch to new action star, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson and The Expendables finally comes an action film with Arnold as the lead.

Directed by a South Korean Jee-woon Kim who is known for bloody and violent films so this information promises a great film filled with right ingredients for Schwarzenegger movie.

The film starts off slow to develop the characters which is great at least you care about the characters.

Arnold might be older now but he's still go it to be an action hero. The only problem is that this film is not doing well at the box office.

The planned return of the 80's is not going according to plan, which is sad because the films reminding us of the most probably best times of action films are well made films.

I have seen it in a packed theatre so I guess that is a sign positive word of mouth will bring a lot of Arnold's fans to theatre.

Johnny Knoxville is not only tolerable but he is also funny. His character bring some of the funniest moments in the film.

Jaimie Alexander shows once again that she can pull of amazing kick-ass heroine. Let's hope she gets more screen time in the next Thor movie.

Harry Dean Stanton who is her for one only scene is just unforgettable just as the dialogue in his scene. Forest Whitaker, an Oscar Winner, gives his usual magnificent performance which sometimes seems very funny given the context of the film and its ridiculous plot.

Several of Bullhead City police officers are armed with Remington shotguns at the roadblock. After the first shootout with Burrell's henchmen, Frank Martinez Rodrigo Santoro takes a Remington fitted with black synthetic furniture and an extended magazine tube from the armory of the Sheriff's office.

Sheriff Ray Owens Arnold Schwarzenegger later uses the same Remington shotgun, after his Colt Mk IV Series 80 runs out of ammunition.

Sheriff Ray Owens Arnold Schwarzenegger uses a modified Remington Sidewinder Model SW-PC , a short-barreled semi-automatic shotgun during the first shootout with Burrell's henchmen.

One of Burrell's henchmen uses a Mossberg Cruiser fitted with a foregrip and a heat shield during the town shootout.

Two of Gabriel Cortez's henchmen are equipped with heavily modified Saiga 12K automatic shotguns with round Wraithmaker drum magazines.

The Saiga 12K used is the exact same one that Independent Studio Services built for Gamer , and which was also used in The Expendables and Drive Angry.

One of Cortez's henchmen uses an IMI Galil MAR aka "Micro Galil" to clear a roadblock for Cortez. All of FBI HRT officers are armed with M4A1 Carbines near the beginning of the film.

Several of Burrell's Peter Stormare henchmen, including Pony Tail Chris Browning , also use M4A1 Carbines when they confront Ray Owens' group.

One of Burrell's henchmen uses an M14 fitted with a Sage EBR stock and an Elcan SpecterDR 1. Frank Martinez Rodrigo Santoro takes a Browning A-Bolt sniper rifle from the armory of the Sheriff's office.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ray Owens. Forest Whitaker Agent John Bannister. Johnny Knoxville Lewis Dinkum. Rodrigo Santoro Frank Martinez.

Jaimie Alexander Sarah Torrance. Eduardo Noriega Gabriel Cortez. Peter Stormare Burrell. Zach Gilford Jerry Bailey. Genesis Rodriguez Agent Ellen Richards.

Kim Jee-woon Director. Andrew Knauer Screenwriter. Jeffrey Nachmanoff Screenwriter. Lorenzo di Bonaventura Producer.

Guy Riedel Executive Producer. Miky Lee Executive Producer. Michael Paseornek Executive Producer.

John Sacchi Executive Producer. Edward Fee Executive Producer. Ji-yong Kim Cinematographer. Digital Multiplex: The Last Stand , Side Effects , and More.

Critics Consensus: Arnold Makes a Satisfying Return in The Last Stand. July 26, Rating: D- Full Review…. February 5, Full Review….

February 4, Full Review…. September 13, Rating: 2. July 28, Rating: B- Full Review…. November 27, Full Review…. July 30, Full Review….

June 8, Rating: 3. View All Critic Reviews Jun 21, Pretty entertaining film. Arnold's first film back after his stint as California's governor and he really hasn't lost a step.

Good action and decent story of a drug cartel leader busting out of a prison transport and speeding toward Mexico with only Sheriff Arnold in his way.

Check it out if you are bored on a rainy day. Patrick W Super Reviewer. Dec 20, In "The Last Stand," Ray Owens Arnold Schwarzenegger is a sheriff of a sleepy border town in Arizona.

While he likes his job, some times it can be a little tedious, like looking after dairy farmers for example. But his training as a former DEA Agent comes in handy some times, especially in thinking there being something suspicious about two passing truckers, and not just because one of them is played by Peter Stormare.

Owens is right. Danger is coming. In the person of Gabriel Cortez Eduardo Noriega , a deadly drug lord, who has escaped federal custody with FBI Agent Ellen Richards Genesis Rodriguez as hostage in a souped up sports car making a run for the border.

As his Hollywood directorial debut, "The Last Stand," Kim Jee-woon comes through with flying colors, with a movie that while also a lot of fun, is also remarkably thought out.

One thing though. I would love to know how Cortez gassed up along the way. Drones, maybe? Add in Chekhov's gun theory times a thousand plus Johnny Knoxville and stir well.

And while the climax is a little too CGI for my liking, the scene when Owens tries to evacuate the diner is a minor classic all by itself.

And while Schwarzenegger has always been a little ridiculous even at his peak, here he fares well, in the closest he has come to a western since Walter M Super Reviewer.

May 03, Arnold is great in the film, but the film itself is so so. It was great seeing Arnold in a leading role. He hasn't lost a beat.

He knows how to deliver the one liners. Plus, he can still kick ass on screen. I also like that the role fit his age.

The Last Stand gives me everything I expect from this film. I get to see a lot stuff I own in. The refusal to make fun of these kind of Old West tropes is, oddly, what makes The Last Stand most relevant of all. Full Review. Pat Padua DCist. August 30, An outsider's view of western. Directed by Jee-woon Kim. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville, Rodrigo. The Last Stand is a American action thriller film directed by South Korean film director Kim Jee-woon in his American directorial debut. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Jaimie Alexander and Rodrigo Santoro and was written by Andrew Knauer. The Last Stand () Full Cast & Crew. Directed by (1) Writing credits (1) Cast (60) Produced by (8) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (1) Casting.

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Miky Lee. This was Arnold Schwarzenegger's first lead acting role since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in A lot of the characters are not developed well and lack depth. Sheriff Ray Owens: My honor is not for sale. Cancel Resend Email. Rate this movie. Log in here. Danger is coming. Thomas Burrell Ice Road Truckers Deutsch Stormare wields a Raststätte Geiselwind Colt Dragoon revolver as his primary firearm. Lewis Dinkum: Only the shit I love! July 28, Rating: B- Full Review….



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