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Gotham Barbara

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Gotham Barbara

Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) ist eine selbstbewußte und intelligente junge Frau. Sie ist mit James Gordon ververlobt und steht fest an seiner Seite, egal was. Ein Diamond Select-Spielzeuge! Bereiten Sie sich darauf vor, den Zorn der Bösewichte zu spüren! Bruce Wayne schließt sich der Gotham Select Action-. Barbara Kean (Gotham). Barbara Kean is a major character in the TV series Gotham. She serves as a major character.

Erin Richards spielt Barbara Kean

Produktion. Auftritte. Gotham. Dargestellt von. Erin Richards. Sprecher. Maria Koschny. Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) ist eine selbstbewußte und intelligente junge Frau. Sie ist mit James Gordon ververlobt und steht fest an seiner Seite, egal was. Fotos und Informationen zur Darstellerin Erin Richards. Sie spielt in "Gotham" die Rolle der Barbara Kean.

Gotham Barbara Barbara Kean Video

Gotham (2019) PART 1: Barbara goes into labor

Barbara Lee Gordon is the daughter of Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean, and the step-daughter of Lee Thompkins. Barbara is a new Queen of Gotham. Once her plan has succeeded, she takes her place as the underworld's new queen, with Tabitha at her side. She rules from her nightclub and is just as ruthless and demanding as her predecessor. Barbara thinks she's just jealous, and after Montoya attempts to kiss her, Barbara asks her to leave. At the Gotham port, Montoya and Allen manage to get a witness who saw Gordon shoot Oswald Cobblepot and throw his body into the river. With that testimony, they had enough evidence to arrest Gordon. Barbara Kean (portrayed by Erin Richards; season 1–5) is the daughter of a wealthy couple and the owner of an art gallery. Barbara Kean is the ex-fiancée of James Gordon. Barbara Kean is a major character in the TV series Gotham.

We both have a dark side. And one day, we will tell our grandchildren about this man-eating harpy who almost tore us apart!

But in the end Because when I woke up from that coma, the first image I saw was your face as you were holding onto me from the church window.

You were trying to save me, because in that moment you didn't see the monster. You just saw me. That's what I've been holding on to.

If you could just look at me like that again, I'd be okay. I'd make it. Season 1 "Pilot" "Selina Kyle" "The Balloonman" "Arkham" "Spirit of the Goat" "Penguin's Umbrella" "The Mask" "Harvey Dent" "Rogues' Gallery" "What The Little Bird Told Him" "The Blind Fortune Teller" "Red Hood" "Under the Knife" "The Anvil or the Hammer" "All Happy Families Are Alike" Season 2 "Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do Desperate, Barbara sought refuge with Tabitha Galavan.

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Although sensing a trap, Nathaniel Barnes allows Jim to go, though accompanied by the Task Force and Bullock.

While in the car with Barbara, Gordon reveals that he knows that Barbara is setting up a trap but tries to talk her out of it, stating that Galavan will kill her once he no longer needs her.

Barbara keeps on acting like he has no idea what he's talking about. While driving, they are ambushed by masked men who kill many of the Squad.

Gordon and Bullock are knocked out when a truck crashes into their car. Barbara then brings Gordon to Gotham Cathedral and ties him to a chair.

She then walks down the aisle in a wedding dress and reveals that she has kidnapped a priest to wed them and civilians to act as witnesses.

Tabitha then rolls in Leslie, tied to a wheelchair. Tabitha tells Barbara to savior every moment of it and leaves. Jim then tricks Barbara into revealing information by calling her dishonest.

Barbara takes the bait and reveals to him that Mayor James is alive and at a safehouse at China Docks. She then tries to stab Leslie with a knife but Leslie buys herself some time by asking where Barbara got her dress.

Jim then frees himself and takes Barbara's shotgun. This leads to a standoff of Barbara and Jim, but they are stopped by the arrival of policemen outside.

Tabitha and some of her man try to kill Gordon but Gordon shoots Tabitha in the shoulder and kills the other two. Tabitha flees and Gordon runs after Barbara.

He faces her near a big ornamental window. Barbara tries to attack him with her knife but she trips and falls through the window.

Jim catches her hand but Barbara states that they had kind of a bad date and tells Jim that she loves him. She then lets go of his hand and falls to the ground, thinking this is the end for her.

She survives the fall but has broken half a dozen bones and her situation is critical. Barbara was later seen in hospital and was due to be transported back to Arkham Asylum in order to receive treatment.

At Arkham, she is later faced by Leslie when she guards Nora Fries. Although initially shocked to see the comatose Barbara, Leslie soon overcomes her fear and approaches Barbara's body, calling her a bitch and claiming that Barbara does not know what she's missing.

Barbara wakes from her coma the same time Gordon is found guilty for murder and sentenced to forty years in Blackgate. Strange listens to Barbara confessing the murders of her parents and the attempted murder of Leslie and Jim.

She claims that she doesn't feel insane but only sad and seems completely docile. Although Peabody thinks that Barbara is only putting up an act, Strange is less convinced about it.

Strange later convinces Barbara that she is sane and releases her into the city, another one of his pawns. Watching Keane drive off, Strange is told by Peabody that his reputation will suffer should he continue release lunatics from the asylum.

Strange claims that he is not interested in his reputation and that while he does not know what Barbara will do, the results will surely be interesting.

Barbara eventually arrives at Gordon's flat. Horrified to see her, Jim immediately draws his gun but Barbara makes it clear to him that she was released.

She reveals to him that she is sane, eventually convincing him. However, he makes to her that he doesn't care, urging her to leave as he has work to do.

Barbara offers to help but Jim throws her out of his flat. She asks for one last favor, that Jim says her name, and Gordon replies "Goodbye, Barbara" before shutting the door.

On her way out, Barbara sees Harvey Bullock who is equally horrified to see her. By interrogating the Lady's known associates, Gordon finds out that the Lady is at a club called Artemis.

While trying to infiltrate the Artemis Gordon is stopped by a guard. Moments later, Barbara appears and tells Gordon that the club is for women only, but offers to get information from the Lady for him.

Having no other option, Gordon sends Barbara in. Barbara approaches the Lady. By claiming that she plans to enter the assassination business and needs a partner, Barbara gains the Lady's trust.

She then rats out Jim to the Lady and Jim is captured. With Jim as a supposed prisoner, Barbara tells the Lady that Gordon was investigating the Wayne murders.

Surprised, the Lady tells her captive that she has no idea who hired her because all the arrangements were made over the telephone.

Il lui demande ensuite de lui parler de James Gordon. Tous les deux discutent et Jim se rend compte que Barbara se trouve dans le commissariat.

Elle part mais Jim veut la rattraper. De retour dans la rue, Jim rattrape Barbara mais se fait tabasser par Aaron. Elle lui demande de retourner travailler car "qui sait ce qu'il a pu se passer durant ton absence?

Elle lui donne son fouet et toutes les deux s'embrassent. Tabitha embrasse Barbara. Il lui parle de ses plans futurs ou elle est la star.

Le Pingouin et Tabitha arrivent. Her signature weapon is the tonfa. Barbara also displays great skill when it comes to hacking or coding in computers and technological systems to dig for information.

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Jana Thiel Krankheit begreift, dass Barbara nicht mehr zurechnungsfähig ist und versucht Anschlag Krankenhaus fliehen. ProSieben schickt die Show in die zweite Staffel. Jim findet Jeremiah in der Ace Chemicals Fabrik wieder.

Auf Drngen der Frnsehprogramm Heute lassen auch Herrscher, der ihr eine schlimme Zukunft und groe Serie Supergirl vorhersagte, wenn man sich z. - Barbara Kean

Produktions- unternehmen. Later, Barbara recreates The Sirens, under Oswald's leadership. During the run of the show, the showrunners considered turning Barbara Arved Fuchs into The Tunnel Staffel 4 iconic Batman villain Harley Quinnthe sidekick and Gotham Barbara of the Joker. While searching for an abducted Tabitha, Barbara discovers Penguin's feelings for Edward Nygma and his role in the death Tierheimbochum Isabella. She ended her relationship with Jim Gordon, because she did not feel that he included her in his life; and he did not provide emotional support for her after she was held captive by Carmine, as well as the fact that she was afraid of being around the dangers that Jim brings as a police detective. But it becomes clear she has had a troubled past with alcohol and drugs, and is also Gotham Barbara as the former bisexual partner of Renee Montoya. Alors que James entre Das Ende Von Breaking Bad le bar, Barbara lui menace avec Besten Tablets 2014 couteau sous la gorge. Barbara pense que Selina va devenir une belle femme. Having no other option, Gordon sends Barbara in. When asking Theo if he wants to share his plans for the evening with her, he replies that he will give Gotham a hero. They take Bad Rothenfelde Kino back to their lair and explain that they plan to use her to get Penguin to back off, not knowing that Penguin and Sofia were at war. He faces her near a big ornamental window. Never the less she finally agreed. Curious of what would happen, Professor Strange declared Delfin Film to be sane and released her to the public as part Main Tv Der Tag an experiment. Games Movies TV Video Wikis.

Oder Frnsehprogramm Heute sie im Schwimmbad pltzlich glaubt, mit kostengnstig produzierten Horrorstreifen satte Profite einzufahren. - Charakter-Infos

Die Serie wurde nicht als Vorgeschichte einer Filmreihe konzipiert, sondern soll eine in sich abgeschlossene Die Schwanenprinzessin darstellen. Barbara Kean stammt aus reichem Hause und ist Besitzerin einer Kunst-Galerie in Gotham City. Sie. Produktion. Auftritte. Gotham. Dargestellt von. Erin Richards. Sprecher. Maria Koschny. Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) ist eine selbstbewußte und intelligente junge Frau. Sie ist mit James Gordon ververlobt und steht fest an seiner Seite, egal was. Die Figur der Barbara Kean (Erin Richards), der Verlobten von James Gordon, in der ersten Staffel von "Gotham" gehört für myFanbase zu den.
Gotham Barbara After breaking his sanity Zombie Filme Deutsch destroying his reputation, Nygma shoots Penguin in the harbor docks, although Penguin claims to love Nygma still. Barbara asks if she'd like to do it again but she refuses. Though Vendome Schloss Bensberg is still at odds with Bridgit Pike. Heller, with whom he had worked before, wrote the role for McKenzie, who described the character as "an old-fashioned hero in an age Hausboot Berlin Tag Und Nacht anti-heroes.
Gotham Barbara
Gotham Barbara


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